Graphene has been shown to have 5 times the battery life of Lithium-IOn.
Novusterra Inc. is developing application specific products utilizing carbon nanostructures, graphite and graphene from carbon based waste streams. We are targeting products that will feed into concrete, water filtration and battery storage by developing cost effective solutions tailored to each market.

Our patents were designed to make use of an abundant and low cost feedstock (coal) in an environmentally friendly process.  
"Graphene is one of the most exciting technology of our generation for what it can mean to energy storage and water filtration. The ability to incubate this technology to produce Graphene from carbon based sources could change how we think of energy storage. New energy storage is absolutely needed to make alternative energy sources an efficient base load and graphene can make that happen."

Market Segments

water filtration

Building Materials

Energy Storage

Composite Materials